Introducing Winter Bootcamp at LCO HQ, Jaipur from 27th December 2018

Get ready for the rigorous training of 3 hours a day with Saksham Sir, Hitesh Sir & LCO Team! For bookings and querries :- +91 7976241136
Python with Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Block chain (15 Projects in Total)
  1. Number prediction game
  2. Dictionary App.
  3. Computer Spy Program(keylogger with Screen capture)
  4. Website Blocker
  5. Web Page Image Scraper(Web Scraping)
  6. Art Creation With Python
  7. Data Analysis Data Munging and Data Visualization(Any Dataset)
  8. Iris Flower(ML+Data Analysis)
  9. Fake News Classifier (Machine Learning +NLP).
  10. Motion Detection (Computer Vision)
  11. Face Detection (Computer Vision + Machine Learning)
  12. Traffic Sign Classifier(AI+Deep Learning)
  13. Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spock(Multiplayer Game)
  14. Blockchain With Python
  15. Self Driving Car With Convolutional Neural Networks(Major AI+Deep Learning


Total Seats : 15

Remaining (just single seat left ūüėČ )
Java + Android with Machine Learning
  1. Calculator with GUI
  2. Simple Drumpad App
  3. Dice Game – Ladder and Snake
  4. Spanish Number
  5. Bulb Glowing app
  6. Task Reminder app
  7. Truth Dare Game app
  8. Flashlight app
  9. Voice recorder app
  10. Firebase Signup and Login
  11. Contact application using SQLite
  12. File Locker
  13. Jaipur Bus finder
  14. Face recognition app
  15. Bar Code Scanner
  16. QR code scanner
  17. Voice Recognition
  18. Image labelling (Object Detection)


Total Seats : 15

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