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Hitesh Choudhary

Hitesh Choudhary


"Hi, I’m Hitesh choudhary, and as you might have guessed, my life revolves around the internet – teaching it, designing it, and always learning from it." I am the founder of learn code online, currently teaching 100,000+ students all over the globe. Also, I have a youtube channel and more about me can be found on this link. Click here"

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General Information

Name Hitesh Choudhary
Subject to write Invitation from YOUR UNIVERSITY NAME
A little about me A video resume < Yep, little OLD>
Important NOTE: Due to travel and work, please reverse my dates ASAP.

Just a quick info

  • This is obvious, but I have to mention

    I love to meet students and interact with them at University events and talks.

    I hope you understand that you have to manage my travel and stay expenses, if you are inviting me.

    I don't charge any fees and usually talks are about 30 mins to 2 hour, depends on event.

  • Next, you can send me an email at above mentioned email and above mentioned subject line. I usually reply with email of such subject within 24 hours. Please mention clearly about your event name, University name and details of first point of contact.
  • Profile and photos

    You can directly take my photos from pexels: Hitesh on pexels

    or from my facebook account or facebook page

    I am a strong supporter of videos and thus you can check my Video profile in General info section.

  • Card Title

  • Mr. Hitesh Choudhary is an outstanding speaker, motivator and subject expert. He knows how to connect with his audience and makes an impact. Within just 15 mins after Hitesh's session, we got so many request to invite him back at campus. I have never seen such an electrifying personality with a easy and smiling attitude.

    Mr. Ganesham, TPO, Velammal Institute of Technology, Chennai.
  • Catch you at your event



    If you are looking for sponsorship from us, you need to drop an email at with subject line SPONSORSHIP - Your even name

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